Education and Training

2016- Present Winkler Career Development Fellowship in Experimental Psychology St Hugh's College, University of Oxford

  • Postdoctoral Researcher at the Oxford BabyLab

  • Tutor for Introduction to Psychology at St Hugh's College

  • Lecturer & Tutor for Part 1 Language & Cognition; Part 2 Language Acquisition

  • SEDA PDF Learning, Teaching and Assessing award

2011-2016 DPhil Experimental Psychology University of Oxford 

2007-2010 BSc Psychology University of York 


2018- 2020 British Academy / Leverhulme Small Grants  'Sleep and Vocabulary Development in Toddlerhood' (£10k)

2018-2020 Oxford University Internal Research Fund (£5k)

2018-2019 St Hugh's College Jackie Lambert Research Fund (£3k)

2017 Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology Best Scientific Paper in 2016: Chow, J., Aimola Davies, A.M., Fuentes, L.J., & Plunkett, K. (2016). Backward semantic inhibition in toddlers. Psychological Science. (€ 500)

2016 Best Poster Award at Annual General Meeting of Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology, Oxford UK: Chow, J., Aimola Davies, A.M., Fuentes, L.J., & Plunkett, K. Backward semantic inhibition in toddlers.  (€ 300)

2014 Graduate Student Award at International Conference on Infant Studies, Berlin, Germany (€ 250)

2013 Graduate Student Award at Central European University Conference on Cognitive Development, Budapest, Hungary (€ 130 fee waver)

Public Engagement and Outreach

2017 Curiosity Carnival- European Researchers' Night, Oxford, UK

2016 STEM Summer Programme for Gifted Female Students, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2016 Science Adventures: Half-Term Events, Oxford Centre for Developmental Sciences

2011-2015 Oxford Open Doors Science Research Demonstration, Oxford Preservation Trust, UK