About Janette

I am a post-doctoral researcher on infant language research at the University of Oxford. As Winkler Career Development Fellow at St Hugh's College, I study the causal and longitudinal relationships between sleep and language acquisition from infancy to toddlerhood. My on-going research at the Oxford Babylab include backward semantic inhibition, the infant lexicon, and bilingual language development.

Alongside research, I give undergraduate lectures and tutorials on Introduction to Psychology, Language & Cognition and Language Acquisition, and supervise final-year research projects.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I read Psychology as an undergraduate at York, followed by a doctorate at Oxford. Married to an English-Italian, I split my time between Oxford, Rome and Hong Kong. My son Eddie (born in 2017) is learning Cantonese (myself), Italian (dad) and English (nursery), and exposed to Mandarin and French through TV programmes and songs.